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Enrique Gonzalez, Sr opened the first Carniceria Vallarta in Van Nuys, California in 1985. Vallarta Supermarkets then embarked on an arduous, but successful adventure to build a reputation of service and excellence. The key to Vallarta’s success is the dedication of the ownership to focus on customer service with a smile, and to offer only the highest quality products to their customers. The Gonzalez family capitalized on serving the Hispanic community, a niche that was not addressed by the big chain stores. The Gonzalez family has adhered to their strong work ethic and has made it part of their company culture ensuring that all their employees strive for excellence. For over 30 years Vallarta Supermarkets has maintained an image characterized by family values, service, cleanliness, beautiful decor, a pleasant shopping ambiance and a large variety of products in all departments. Vallarta Supermarkets offers its clientele exceptional quality, outstanding service and great prices that keep them coming back to the stores.

Preparing our Future Leaders

Enrique Gonzalez, Sr along with his family believes strongly in education and nurturing young talent. Keeping their commitment to the local communities Vallarta Supermarkets serves - The Gonzalez Family and Vallarta Supermarkets makes countless donations and contributions to local charities, churches, schools, hospitals, after school programs, city organizations, and more.

We firmly believe in each individual should have the opportunity to a proper education and access to the right tools which will help the individual grow in a well-rounded manner.