Mexico City Earthquake and Hurricane Maria Support

Posted on April 13th, 2018

Vallarta Supermarkets Raises $151,935 to provide support and relief to victims of the Mexico City Earthquake and Hurricane Maria in puerto Rico

Vallarta Supermarkets teamed up with La Cruz Roja Mexicana and the American Red Cross to develop an in-store fundraising campaign for victims of these recent natural disasters and matched the first $25,000 with a 2-1 match.


Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2017 - - Responding to natural disasters that devastated Mexico and Puerto Rico, Vallarta Supermarkets raised $151,935 with a customer outreach campaign to benefit the many people who were impacted or displaced.   In response to these natural disasters, Vallarta Supermarkets partnered with the La Cruz Roja Mexicana and the American Red Cross to provide relief via monetary assistance for relief supplies.   As part of this effort, Vallarta matched its customer donations with a 2-1 match totaling $25,000.  


“Once we saw the devastating effect of the natural disasters that hit Mexico and Puerto Rico, Vallarta management felt compelled to do something immediately to help alleviate the suffering experienced by so many people.   Many of our customers and employees have family and/or friends who were injured or displaced as a result of the earthquakes and hurricane and felt compelled to contribute,” said Rick Castillo, Director of Marketing.   “We could not sit by idly while people were suffering.  We’d like to thank our many loyal customers who saw a need and joined us to provide relief to those impacted the most.  They made this donation possible.  We’d also like to thank La Cruz Roja Mexicana and the American Red Cross for partnering with us in this effort.”


The customer campaign began September 20 and ended Wednesday, September 27.  Vallarta Supermarkets will send all funds collected to La Cruz Roja Mexicana and the American Red Cross to assist them in providing critical aid in the areas most devastated by the recent earthquakes in Mexico, as well as provide aid to families impacted by Hurricane Maria.


About Vallarta Supermarkets: Vallarta Supermarkets Inc. is an American supermarket chain headquartered in Sylmar, California with 49 locations in California. The company employs approximately 8,000 employees. Vallarta Supermarkets intends to positively impact 100 communities by the year 2030.

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